Your donations go to supporting EveryLibrary and their campaigns aimed at keeping public libraries open all year-round. Children deserve the best and we plan on making sure they can continue to visit their local public libraries. It is EveryLibrary's mission to ensure library access to every single American and your donation dollars get us that much closer to our goal.  

Your donations will never be wasted, every penny donated is put towards a worthwhile cause that impacts all of our lives. Please take a moment to consider all of the good that your donations can do.

The first is obvious, some donation money will go to offset the cost of our prizes and our partners at We are offering Amazon Gift Cards and for our most successful readers, Kindle Fires. We are excited for all of our participants and we hope you are just as excited to help them advance down the road of success.

The next place your donations are going is a bit more abstract, but it is still very important. By donating and supporting a young reader, you are affirming the idea that reading is good. By showing our budding learners that their actions have direct and tangible rewards, we are showing them how rewarding their lives can be if they put their minds to developing a habit of reading.

More importantly, this summer reading program has the possibility to turn reading into a lifelong habit. We believe that is the most invaluable thing a child can gain from our program. Reading is one of the pillars of education and can lead to our youth leading a prosperous life. If we can get each child that enters our program to read just 20 minutes a day for the rest of their lives, then we will have achieved our goal.

Finally, the majority of your donations go to support libraries in the United States. EveryLibrary is the nation’s first and only political action committee for libraries and supports libraries wherever they are threatened. Across the country we have fought against the loss of school libraries and we have fought to fund public libraries that have been defunded by politicians. Your donations to these read-a-thons will not only inspire a love of learning for these young participates but allow millions of other children to continue their love of learning through better funded local libraries.

So please, take a second and donate a few dollars, or whatever you can so we can ensure that nobody is without a library in America.

Thank you!